Giaime Meloni (b. 1984) 

Phd in architecture | Co-founder of atmosphériques narratives

He lives and works between two islands: Île-de-France | Sardinia

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represented by UN-SPACED 

The images provide a tangible proof of my presence in the territory, in a certain way they documented it. However I would like to take distance compared to the documentation – and strictly documentary photography – in order to provide a more universal reflection on our relationship with the space.

The visual experience of the places through the images certifies the active role of photography as a discipline of landscape’s studies. Concretely I have developed a photographic pratice as a tool for visual auscultation of material and immaterial landscape’s transformations.

The intellectual solicitation of immersive action on the territory allows me to assert that photography can be considered a discipline of study and practice of landscape, between geography and architecture.

However in contrast to other disciplines, photography does not give answers but raises new questions. It can be defined as a continuous verification process for the landscape’s evolution. The images makes possible to qualify spaces.

Qualify is to give them a quality that can be very different stereotypes, offer a new reading, to look at things that are often neglected. The photos aims to prove that there is an implicit message exceeding the limits of the image itself. I accept that the message of the images can be corrupted / destroyed at any time by the viewer / reader. Indirect experience through our images can reproduce new knowledge of the territory.

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